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IAUC 3129: SLOW-MOVING OBJECT KOWAL; 4U 1608-52; HDE 245770

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                                                  Circular No. 3129
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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     C. T. Kowal, Hale Observatories, reports the discovery of a
slow-moving object of stellar appearance on exposures with the 122-cm
Schmidt telescope at Palomar.  A prediscovery image was identified
by T. Gehrels on an exposure with the same instrument.  The
motion, scarcely greater than that of Uranus, is extraordinarily
slow for an object so close to opposition.  The positions are:

     1977 UT             R.A. (1950) Decl.       Mag.   Observer
     Oct. 11.3        2 06.8       +12 21        19     Gehrels
          18.38090    2 05 34.09   +12 09 12.4   18.0   Kowal
          19.42882    2 05 22.79   +12 08 07.5            "

4U 1608-52
     L. J. Kaluzienski and S. S. Holt, Goddard Space Flight Center,
report that all-sky-monitor observations of the flaring source 4U
1608-52 (cf. IAUC 3090, 3099, 3108) reveal a relatively rapid
decline in the 3-6-keV flux, commencing on Oct. 14-15.   Following a
gradual increase from ~ 0.3 to ~ 0.5 times that of the Crab Neblula
over the interval Sept. 28-Oct. 13, the flux decayed steadily to a
level of ~ 0.1 (+/- 0.05) times that of the Crab on Oct. 24.

HDE 245770
     A. Giangrande and F. Giovannelli, Laboratorio di Astrofisica
Spaziale, Frascati; and C. Bartolini, A. Guranieri and A. Piccioni,
Istituto di Astronomia, Bologna, report: "On 1976 Oct. 7, 8 and 9
we made spectrophotometric observations of HDE 245770, the optical
counterpart of A0535+26, at the Cassegrain focus of the Loiano 150-cm
reflector.  The spectrum (range 3950-4950 A, dispersion 39 A/mm,
resolution 1.5 A) shows large night-to-night variability in the
intensity and profile of the H-beta emission line.  The spectral
classification in the Walborn reference frame is O9.7 IIe.  Photometric
observations made on 1976 Nov. 15 and 16 give V = 8.85, B - V = +0.52,
U - B = -0.54.  The intensity of the interstellar 4430 A line is in
agreement with E(B - V) = +0.84.  These observations place the star
at a distance of 2.3 +2.3 -0.8 kpc.  The absolute magnitude (Mv = -5.7
+0.9 -1.5) is in agreement with the spectroscopic luminosity

1977 November 4                (3129)              Brian G. Marsden

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