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IAUC 3662: RY Sgr; ERUPTIVE Var IN THE LMC; Prob. COMET; 1980b

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                                                  Circular No. 3662
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Postal Address: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
TWX 710-320-6842 ASTROGRAM CAM     Telephone 617-864-5758

     M. W. Feast, South African Astronomical Observatory, relays a
report from J. Hers, President of IAU Commission 6, that R. W.
Fleet, of Salisbury, Zimbabwe, observed this R CrB-type variable at
mv = 7.8 on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.  This may indicate the start of a
fade.  An observation by Vincent, Salisbury, on 1981 Dec. 15 showed
the star at mv = 6.5.

     J. Maza, Department of Astronomy, University of Chile, telexes
that M. Wischnjewsky has found an eruptive variable in the bar of
the Large Magellanic Cloud as follows:

     1982 UT             R. A. (1950) Decl.        mpg
     Jan. 22           5 21 44.29   -70 13 53.6    14

The object was at mpg = 15 on 1981 Dec. 28, mpg = 14 on 1982 Jan. 29.

     R. D. Eberst, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, writes that Susan
B. Tritton has found another comet on the J atlas (observed with
the U.K. l.2-m Schmidt at Siding Spring) of the ESO/SRC Southern
Sky Survey.  His accurate measurements of the trail ends yield:

     1978 UT             R. A. (1950) Decl.        m1
     Mar.  5.6034     11 55 41.28   -30 30 13.9    17
           5.6520     11 55 38.89   -30 30 06.6

There exists a possibility that the motion should be reversed.

     S. M. Larson, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, reports that his
observations of this comet on Jan. 31 with the l.5-m reflector
showed moderate CN emission.  The comet is currently at r = 3.39 AU.
For an ephemeris see MPC 6214.

1982 February 5                (3662)              Brian G. Marsden

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