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IAUC 4233: 1986i; 3C 324; NSV 6708

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                                                  Circular No. 4233
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Postal Address: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
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     Ya. S. Yatskiv, Astronomical Observatory, Kiev; and Yu. V.
Batrakov, Institute for Theoretical Astronomy, Leningrad, report
the discovery a comet by K. I. Churyumov and V. V. Solodovnikov:

       1986 UT       R.A. (1950.0) Decl.    m1    Observer

       July 14.805    21 52.8    -12 21     13    Churyumov
            15.892    21 51.2    -13 00     13      "
            15.900    21 51.1    -13 01     13      "
            17.976    21 47.0    -14 16     14    Chernykh

K. I. Churyumov and V. V. Solodovnikov (Coronal Station, Kazakh
   Academy of Sciences, near Alma Ata).  Comet diffuse with
   condensation, tail < 1 deg.
N. S. Chernykh (Crimean Astrophysical Observatory).  Comet diffuse
   with condensation, tail 30" long to west.

3C 324
     O. le Fevre, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, reports the
discovery of multiple structure in the high-redshift radio galaxy 3C
324 (z = 1.206) and evidence for a surrounding cluster of galaxies.
Deep R and I photometry of the field around 3C 324 were obtained
on June 1 with the new 640 x 1024 pixel RCA CCD at the f/8 focus
of the 3.6-m CFHT under very good seeing conditions (FWHM = 0"7).
The radio source is resolved into four components within 2", with
two other galaxies 2" from the brightest component, the overall R
magnitude of the four components being 21.7.  A rich cluster of
galaxies is detected around 3C 324, with more than 100 galaxies in
a 2' x 2' field to a limiting R = 25.3, confirming the indirect
evidence found by Spinrad and Djorgovski (1984, Ap.J. 280, L9).

NSV 6708
     R. H. McNaught, Siding Spring Observatory, telexes that G.
Dawes, Sydney, photographed an object on July 5 that appears to be
NSV 6708 = BV 520 = CoD -39 9021.  His examination of Schmidt survey
plates shows that the star varies from mag ~ 7.5 to ~ 15.5 but
does not seem to be a red variable.  He has measured the position
to be R.A. = 14h31m41s54, Decl. = -39deg20'13" 2 (equinox 1950.0) and
gives recent visual magnitude estimates: July 7.5 UT, 7.3; 12.6, 7.5.

1986 July 18                   (4233)              Brian G. Marsden

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