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IAUC 4278: (1179); N Cen 1986; CH UMa; PW Vul; SU Tau

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                                                  Circular No. 4278
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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(1179) MALLY
     L. D. Schmadel, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut; and R. M.
West, European Southern Observatory, report the recovery of this
faint, long-lost minor planet.  Following West's remeasurement of
the 1931 Heidelberg plates and Schmadel's recomputation of the
orbit, a plate pair was exposed by H.-E. Schuster with the 1.0-m
ESO Schmidt at the expected favorable opposition in 1986 Mar.  A
candidate found on the line of variation was only 111' from the
prediction.  Identity with (1179) was confirmed by the discovery
of additional images on a U.K. Schmidt plate in 1983 July, ESO
Schmidt plates on three nights in 1979 Dec. and on the 1952 Jan.
Palomar Sky Survey exposures.  West's measurements at the five
oppositions and Schmadel's orbit linking them will be published on
the Dec. 16 MPCs.  There are no additional identifications of the
object among previously reported observations of minor planets.

     Photoelectric observations by P. Birch and R. Martin at the
Perth Observatory: Nov. 26.833 UT, V = 4.73, B-V = +0.69; Dec.
1.783, V = 4.99, B-V = +0.50; Dec. 2.808, V = 4.95, B-V = +0.45.
     Visual estimates: Dec. 3.66 UT, 5.0 (D. Seargent, The Entrance,
N.S.W.); 4.74, 5.2 (R. H. McNaught, Coonabarabran, N.S.W.).

     Visual magnitude estimates by M. Verdenet, Bourbon-Lancy,
France: Oct. 25.9, [13.8; 29.9, 12.8; 30.9, 13.0; Nov. 2.8, 12.3;
3.8, 11.8; 4.9, 11.8; 7.3, 11.7; 9.8, 12.3; 12.7, 13.0.

     Visual magnitude estimates: May 13.14, 13.1 (E. Schweitzer,
Strasbourg, France); June 9.0, 13.5 (A. Mizser, Budapest, Hungary):
July 11.92, 13.5 (S. Korth, Monheim, West Germany); Nov. 21.79,
13.8 (W. Hasubick, Buchloe, West Germany); 25.8, 14.1 (Verdenet).

     Visual magnitude estimates: Nov. 20.93 UT, 13.3 (R. Monella,
Covo, Italy); 22.92, 13.4 (Monella); 25.8, 14.1 (Verdenet).

1986 December 5                (4278)              Brian G. Marsden

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