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IAUC 4566: 1988e; SNe; N Vul 1987; 1987s; AX Per

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                                                  Circular No. 4566
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Postal Address: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
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COMET LEVY (1988e)
     David Levy, Tucson, AZ, reports his visual discovery of a comet
with a 0.4-m f/5 reflector, as shown below.  The object is
diffuse, coma diameter 1', with a 1'.5 tail in p.a. about 240 deg.

           1988 UT          R.A. (1950) Decl.      m1
           Mar. 19.5       21 30       +16.2      11
                20.5       21 32.6     +16 48'
                21.49      21 35.2     +17 30     11.6

     E. Cappellaro and M. Turatto, Asiago Astrophysical Observatory,
report the following V magnitudes obtained on Mar. 16 with the
1.82-m telescope (+ CCD):  SN 1988G in anonymous galaxy, 16.0; SN
1988H in NGC 5878, 16.2; SN 1988I in anonymous galaxy, 19.1.
     Visual magnitude estimates:  SN 1987A in the LMC:  Mar. 18.5
UT, 7.2 (A. C. Beresford, Adelaide, South Australia); 19.42, 7.2
(Beresford); 20.52, 7.3 (Beresford); 21.49, 7.1 (Beresford).  SN
1988A in M58:  Feb. 25.75, 14.9 (R. H. McNaught, Siding Spring
Observatory); 29.26, 15.0 (J. Griese, Stamford, CT).  SN 1988D in MCG
+0-20-006:  Mar. 12.25, [17.0 (M. Bartels, Springfield, OR).

     R. Royer, Wrightwood, CA, provides the following photovisual
magnitude estimates from photographic plates:  Feb. 25.53 UT, about 18;
Mar. 17.53, about 15.7-16.0.

     Further total visual magnitude estimates:  Feb. 22.03 UT, 9.4
(J. E. Bortle, Stormville, NY, 0.32-m reflector); Mar. 6.13, 9.4
(A. Hale, Las Cruces, NM, 0.41-m reflector); 12.02, 10.5 (Bortle);
14.07, 9.0 (E. Jacobson, Evansville, MN, 20x80 binoculars).

     Visual magnitude estimates:  Mar. 13.87 UT, 9.4 (R. Goncalves,
Caxias, Portugal); 18.76, 9.2 (A. Boattini, Florence, Italy).

1988 March 21                  (4566)            Daniel W. E. Green

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