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IAUC 4618: 1988h; 1987A; 3C 279

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                                                  Circular No. 4618
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Postal Address: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
TWX 710-320-6842 ASTROGRAM CAM    Telephone 617-495-7244/7440/7444

     E. M. Shoemaker reports that Carolyn S. Shoemaker has
discovered a comet on films taken by Henry E. Holt, Henry R. Holt
and Tim A. Rodriquez with the 0.46-m Schmidt telescope at Palomar.

     1988 UT             R.A. (1950) Decl.       m1
     June 11.40156   20 14 34.75   +18 21 47.2   13
          11.43385   20 14 33.41   +18 21 42.7
          12.33090   20 13 55.98   +18 19 30.3
          12.37083   20 13 54.12   +18 19 24.5

Measurers C. S. Shoemaker and T. A. Rodriquez.  The comet has a
strong central condensation and a compact coma extending
principally to the west.

     S. M. Matz, National Research Council Associate at the Naval
Research Laboratory (NRC/NRL); G. H. Share, NRL; and E. L. Chupp,
University of New Hampshire (UNH), on behalf of their collaborators at
NRL, UNH and the Max Planck Institute, Garching, report: "The Gamma-
Ray Spectrometer on NASA's Solar Maximum Mission satellite continues
to monitor 56Co line emission from the supernova.  During the most
recent observation intervals the preliminary average fluxes (in units
of 10**-4 photons cm**-2 s**-1) for the 847-and 1238-keV lines,
respectively, are: Feb. 29-Apr. 6, 8.2 +/- 3.7, 3.6 +/- 3.1; Apr. 22-
May 29, 5.6 +/- 3.4, 6.6 +/- 2.9.  Quoted errors are 1 sigma and
represent a combination of statistical and systematic uncertainties.
The derived 1238-keV line flux in the last interval is in good
agreement with the value measured on a balloon flight by the GRIS
experiment (IAUC 4593).  These and previous GRS measurements (IAUC
4568) are consistent with a constant flux in each line between 1987
Aug. 1 and 1988 May 29."

3C 279
     F. Makino, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science,
Sagamihara, Kanagawa, informs us that the x-ray astronomy satellite
Ginga will observe this object from July 6.00 to 6.75 UT.
Simultaneous (or near-simultaneous) coverage at other wavelengths
would be valuable.

1988 June 25                   (4618)              Brian G. Marsden

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