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IAUC 5058: 1990S; UX Ant; NO Occn OF SAO 187435 BY TRITON; 1990i

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                                                  Circular No. 5058
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SUPERNOVA 1990S IN MCG -05-29-006
     M. Hamuy, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory; and J. Maza,
Astronomy Department, University of Chile, report:  "Roberto
Antezana has discovered a supernova 7" west and 5" north of the
nucleus of the spiral galaxy MCG -05-29-006 (ESO 440-G48).  The
supernova (estimated magnitude B = 15.5) was found on a 15-min
103a-O plate taken by Hamuy and L. Wells with the Curtis Schmidt
telescope on July 22.046 UT.  The SN is at R.A. = 12h02m58s.6,
Decl. = -29 52'58" (equinox 1950.0).  Confirmation was made by T.
Williams (Rutgers University), who obtained UBVRI CCD images with
the CTIO 0.9-m telescope on July 25, showing the SN to be very blue.
A spectrum (range 630-950 nm) obtained on the same night by M.
Phillips with the CTIO 4-m telescope shows a featureless continuum,
along with narrow H-alpha and [N II] emission lines.  These data
do not allow a definitive classification, but it would appear most
likely that this is a type-II supernova in an early stage of its

     Observations by E. R. Minniti, Sante Fe, Argentina, telexed
by L. A. Milone, Observatorio Astronomico, Universidad Nacional
de Cordoba, indicate that this suspected R CrB-type variable
is fading.  Visual magnitude estimates by Minniti unless otherwise
noted:  May 21.0 UT, 11.2; June 9.0, 11.4; 16.0, 11.6; 19.0, 11.7;
July 11.0, [12.7; 19.0, [13.0; 22.0, 14.0: (S. Paolantonio, Cordoba
Observatory).  Monitoring by Minniti since 1975 has revealed no
brightness variations > 0.1-0.2 mag (normal mv = 11.3).

     L. Wasserman, Lowell Observatory, reports that, based on
measurements of a plate obtained by A. Klemola with the Lick
Observatory Astrograph, the proposed occultation of SAO 187435
by Triton (Neptune I) on 1990 Aug. 1 (Wasserman et al. 1990, A.J.
99, 732) will not occur.

     Total visual magnitude estimates:  July 16.73 UT, 10 (X.-m.
Zhou, Bo Lo County, Xin Jiang province, China; independent
discovery); 19.26, 8.8 (C. Spratt, Victoria, BC, 0.15-m reflector);
22.23, 8.7 (Spratt, 0.20-m reflector); 24.12, 8.9 (G. Kronk, Troy,
IL, 0.33-m reflector).

1990 July 25                   (5058)             Daniel W. E. Green

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