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IAUC 5352: 1991ay; GX 339-4; 1991q; 1989h1

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                                                  Circular No. 5352
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Postal Address: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
Telephone 617-495-7244/7440/7444 (for emergency use only)
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     C. Pollas, Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur, reports his discovery,
on a plate (limiting magnitude B = 19.5) obtained by A. Maury
on Sept. 9.0 UT, of an apparent supernova (B about 18.5) located at
R.A. = 0h44m33s.89, Decl. = +40 16'06".0 (equinox 1950.0), or 0".3
east and 4".8 south of the center of a spiral galaxy of mag 16.  An
exposure on 4415 film (+ R filter) taken Sept. 20.1 (limiting mag
21) shows the object at mag about 18.5.  Nothing appears to B = 20
on a plate obtained on Aug. 22.1 by Maury and D. Albanese, nor is
the object visible on POSS prints or on a 1985 B plate to limiting
mag 20.  A nearby star of mag 16 is at R.A. = 0h44m34s.32, Decl. =
+40 16'25".1.

GX 339-4
     G. Fishman, R. Wilson, C. Meegan, A. Harmon, and M. Brock,
Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA; W. Paciesas, University of Alabama
at Huntsville; and M. Finger, Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO) Science
Support Center, report, for the BATSE experiment team:  "BATSE/GRO
has continued to monitor the hard x-ray source and black-hole
candidate GX 339-4 since mid-August (first reported on IAUC 5327).  GX
339-4 has increased in brightness, reaching a peak intensity within
the period Aug. 16-22 of about 460 mCrab (between 20 and 230 keV).
In the following period, until Sept. 13, the intensity has decreased
to 380 mCrab and remained at this level.  A power-law fit to the
spectrum after Aug. 16 yields an index of 2.3-2.4, with a flux of
2.0 x 10E-4 photons cmE-2 sE-1 keVE-1 at 100 keV."

     Total visual magnitude estimates (cf. IAUC 5325):  Aug. 17.02
UT, 10.0 (B. H. Granslo, Fjellhamar, Norway, 0.20-m reflector);
22.08, 9.7 (R. Haver, Monte Autore, Italy, 15x80 binoculars);
Sept. 8.14, 10.9 (J. Shanklin, Cambridge, England, 0.30-m refractor);
12.11, 10.4 (J. Jahn, Bodenteich, Germany, 0.20-m reflector);
15.50, 11.0 (C. S. Morris, Pine Mountain Club, CA, 0.26-m reflector).

     Corrigendum.  On IAUC 5345, last line, for  Sept. 11.35  read
Aug. 11.35

1991 September 24              (5352)             Daniel W. E. Green

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