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IAUC 6263: SNe

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                                                  Circular No. 6263
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Postal Address: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
IAUSUBS@CFA.HARVARD.EDU or FAX 617-495-7231 (subscriptions)
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     The Supernova Cosmology Project [S. Perlmutter, S. Deustua, S.
Gabi, G. Goldhaber, A. Goobar (now Univ. of Stockholm), D. Groom,
B. Grossan, I. Hook, A. Kim, M. Kim, J. Lee, R. Pain (CNRS, Paris),
C. Pennypacker, and I. Small (Lawrence Berkeley Lab. and the Center
for Particle Astrophysics, Berkeley); R. Ellis and R. McMahon, Inst.
of Astronomy, Cambridge; and B. Boyle, P. Bunclark, D. Carter, and
M. Irwin, Royal Greenwich Obs.; with K. Glazebrook (Anglo-Australian
Obs.) at the W. Herschel Telescope (WHT); A. V. Filippenko and T.
Matheson (Univ. of California, Berkeley) at the Keck telescope; W.
Couch (Univ. of N.S.W.); M. Dopita and J. Mould (Mt. Stromlo and
Siding Spring Obs.) at the Siding Spring 2.3-m telescope; H. Newberg
(Fermi National Accelerator Lab.) at the ARC telescope; M. Postman
and W. Oegerle (Space Telescope Science Inst.), T. Lauer (National
Optical Astronomy Obs.), and J. Hoessel (Univ. of Wisconsin) at the
Kitt Peak 4-m telescope] reports the discovery of four additional
supernovae in the course of the 1993-94 High Redshift Supernova
Search (cf. IAUC 5956):

SN       1993/94     R.A.  (2000)  Decl.      R         Offset
1993al   Dec. 22  12 22 12.62  - 1 08 24.5   22.6   2".0 W, 0".3 S
1994al   Jan.  8   3 06 22.45  +17 18 33.7   22.6   0".9 E, 0".1 N
1994am   Feb.  4   2 40 02.06  - 1 37 14.9   21.7   0".6 W, 0".9 S
1994an   Oct. 31  22 44 18.87  + 0 06 48.7   22.3   0".2 E, 0".2 N

All but SN 1994am (Kitt Peak 4-m reflector) were discovered with
the Isaac Newton Telescope.  The date and telescope for acquisition
of the host-galaxy spectrum, galaxy redshift, approximate time from
maximum light at discovery (in days), and date of previous recorded
image of galaxy not showing each supernova (to limiting mag about
24) are as follows:  SN 1993al, 1994 Jan. 14, Keck (T. Bida, J.
Cohen, and J. B. Oke), 0.18 (probable host), --, 1992 Apr. 25; SN
1994al, 1994 Nov. 9, Keck, 0.420, -6, 1993 Dec. 19; SN 1994am, 1994
Nov. 7, WHT, 0.372, 0, 1993 Dec. 19; SN 1994an, 1994 Nov. 9, Keck,
0.378, -1, 1994 Oct. 9.  SNe 1993al, 1994al, and 1994am were
observed during 1994 Jan. 10-Feb. 16, and SN 1994an during Oct. 31-
Dec. 6.  The photometry for SNe 1994al, 1994am, and 1994an are all
consistent with type-Ia supernovae at the host-galaxy redshift.
The spectrum of SN 1994an on 1994 Nov. 9 was identified as a type-
Ia SN, approximately 7 days past maximum light (rest frame) at the
host-galaxy redshift.

1995 November 18               (6263)            Daniel W. E. Green

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