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IAUC 8283: 2004S; 2004Q; C/2003 E2, 2003 E3, 2003 E4, 2003 F3, 2003 F4

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                                                  Circular No. 8283
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SUPERNOVA 2004S IN MCG -05-16-21
     N. Suntzeff, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (CTIO),
reports that spectrophotometry (range 310-950 nm; resolution 400)
of SN 2004S (cf. IAUC 8282) was obtained by A. Globus, L. Galli, A.
Whiting, and L. Schmidtobreick at the CTIO 1.5-m telescope (+
facility spectrograph) on Feb. 6.1 UT.  The spectrum of the
supernova is that of a type-Ia event, around 5 days after maximum
light.  The expansion velocity (relative to the galaxy redshift of
2731 km/s) of the Si II 635.5-nm absorption line is about 9300 km/s.
     K. Krisciunas, Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame,
in collaboration with the SMARTS consortium, reports photometry of
SN 2004S obtained by J. Espinoza at the CTIO 1.3-m reflector on Feb.
7.225 UT (calibration via the Landolt field Rubin 149; internal
errors +/- 0.01 mag):  U = 14.64, B = 14.55, V = 14.45, R = 14.39,
I = 14.76.

     M. Hamuy, Las Campanas Observatory, reports that a spectrum
(range 360-900 nm) of SN 2004Q (cf. IAUC 8281), obtained on Feb.
5.30 UT with the Clay 6.5-m telescope (+ LDSS-2), shows that this
is a young type-II supernova characterized by a blue continuum with
low-contrast H_alpha, H_beta, and He I 587.6-nm lines exhibiting
P-Cyg profiles.

COMETS C/2003 E2, 2003 E3, 2003 E4, 2003 F3, 2003 F4 (SOHO)
     Further to IAUC 8278, K. Battams reports measures of
additional Kreutz sungrazing comets found on SOHO C3 website images
by D. Evans (C/2003 E2), S. Hoenig (C/2003 E3), J. Sachs (C/2003
E4), M. Oates (C/2003 F3), and X. Leprette (C/2003 F4).  C/2003 F3
and C/2003 F4 were also detected in C2 images.  The reduced
astrometry and orbital elements by B. G. Marsden appear on MPEC

      Comet          2003 UT          R.A. (2000.0) Decl.
      C/2003 E2     Mar.  4.154       23 14.3      - 7 28
      C/2003 E3          11.446       23 41.1      - 4 28
      C/2003 E4          15.529       23 55.5      - 2 51
      C/2003 F3          20.196        0 20.6      - 1 26
      C/2003 F4          25.404        0 29.7      + 1 03

                      (C) Copyright 2004 CBAT
2004 February 9                (8283)            Daniel W. E. Green

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