NELPAG Circular No. 7

NELPAG Circular No. 7                                     1994 July 14

New England Light Pollution Advisory Group (NELPAG)
Editor:     Daniel W. E. Green [Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory;
               60 Garden Street; Cambridge, MA  02138]  (telephone 617-495-7440)
               e-mail:  green@cfa (.bitnet, .span, or
Secretary:  Eric Johansson     (telephone 508-667-0137)
               email:  or

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England (or pertinent info from outside New England) are welcomed.  Please
circulate this newsletter to all interested parties.

     Eight people from Maine (T. Dater, P. Talmage) and Massachusetts
(E. Johansson, D. Green, B. Volz, M. Motta, S. O'Meara, B. Wylie) attended a
productive meeting to further develop the light-pollution brochure mentioned
in NELPAG Circular No. 6.  Peter Talmage had revised the version of his
pamphlet that was distributed in part with that last NELPAG Circular, and
this revised pamphlet was discussed at length at the June 19.  The brochure
will focus on outdoor night lighting for residential and business applications,
though it will also be directly useful to those on town and city councils
looking for educational information on the matter.  Pete Talmage has listed
numerous good lighting fixtures, which will be listed in the planned brochure
(toward the end) by company and catalog number along with helpful application
comments.  The first part of the brochure will briefly outline what constitutes
"Good Neighbor Outdoor Lighting", and there will be diagrams and photographs
to show what is poor lighting and what is proper lighting.
     The latest version of the brochure (minus the diagrams pages, which show
proper and improper outdoor lighting fixtures) is provided with this Circular
(available by postal mail only).  Talmage produced this revised version in
response to comments made at the June 19 meeting and to suggestions made in
a letter from Bob Wylie to Talmage several days after that meeting.
     Individual lighting companies are being contacted for potential
advertising to help underwrite the cost of the brochure.  Sky Publishing Corp.
is expressing interest in publishing the brochure, with the requisite that
some mention be made of light pollution's adverse effect on astronomy.
  -- Dan Green

     We agreed at the June 19 meeting to again hold a dinner meeting on July
23 (Saturday) to discuss the progress of the brochure.  We will meet at the
same location, the School House Restaurant in Portsmouth, NH, at 4:30 p.m.
(see Circular 6 for directions).  All are invited to attend.

    Enclosure [postal mail only]:  text from the "Good Neighbor Outdoor
Lighting" brochure (third draft), courtesy Peter Talmage.

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