NELPAG Circular No. 24

NELPAG Circular No. 24                                    1999 October 19

New England Light Pollution Advisory Group (NELPAG)
Editor:     Daniel W. E. Green [M.S. 18; Harvard-Smithsonian Observatory;
               60 Garden Street; Cambridge, MA  02138]  (telephone 617-495-7440)
Secretary:  Eric Johansson     (telephone 508-667-0137)

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on average, as news accumulutes.  Contributed information for this Circular
concerning outdoor lighting problems in New England (or pertinent info from
outside New England) are always welcome.  Please circulate this newsletter to
all interested parties.  Look at our World Wide Web site at URL


     The New Hampshire Citizens for Responsible Lighting (NHCRL),
an active group that has gotten important legislation on light pollution
passed in their state, is hosting the Fall 1999 NELPAG region-wide meeting
in Concord, NH.  The meeting will be held from 10 a.m. to around 4 p.m.
at the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in central Concord, just off I-93.
We plan to break for lunch at a local restaurant from about 12 noon to
about 2 p.m.
     Directions:  The Planetarium is just off I-93 in north Concord (this
is about 1 hours' drive north of Route 128/I-95 in the northern Boston
suburbs); informational signs are on the Interstate leading to the site.
You can get further information from the CMP web site
(, via the 'Public Visits' link; here is an excerpt:

    Take Interstate 93 to exit 15E in Concord, New Hampshire.
    Take exit 1 off of I-393.  There are Planetarium signs
    marking the exit.  Parking is available in the general
    parking lot. See the map for more details.

     The NH group has done a wonderful job in getting the state
legislature moving on light pollution, and they hope to draft the best
state law yet, which other states can look to for a model.  As such,
I know that others in the northeast are eager to meet this coming
Saturday with the NH group in Concord.  I will add any last-minute
changes at the NELPAG website:

     Please pass the word around, and I hope to see you there.
(This meeting has been discussed via the Internet for months, but
some of you may not have Internet access.)


The NELPAG supports the International Dark-Sky Association and recommends
that all individuals/groups who are interested in the problems of light
pollution and obtrusive lighting should subscribe to the IDA Newsletter.
IDA membership costs $30.00 per year; send check to International Dark-Sky
Association, 3225 N. First Ave., Tucson, AZ  85719 (NOTE new address!).