Links to Helpful Info Regarding Light Pollution

Other useful information:

A key source for information on outdoor night lighting is the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). All people concerned with improving the quality of outdoor night lighting should become members of the IDA, a non-profit group.

Some Internet discussion groups are good ways for getting more information on light pollution.

Good links to other practical and educational information on outdoor night lighting [note that we try to link only to sites that will accomodate simple, text-only LYNX and/or non-frames-intensive MOSAIC browsers, as a courtesy to our readers!]. Note that these links frequently change or disappear altogether, unfortunately, so it is important to have light-pollution websites that are relatively stable (after only 5-8 years, the vast majority of links here were found to be no longer active in early 2007, though some revising has been done in 2007).

New England Light Pollution Advisory Group (NELPAG)

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