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Quick Subscription Information

The current uninvoiced charges in US dollars for CBAT services are as follows: All rates are in US dollars. Subscriptions should be entered for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 months. Orders cannot be accepted by credit card during 2010 Feb.-Sept., but after that point we hope to have a subscription agency in place to handle all subscriptions (including credit-card payments).

We are a non-profit organisation and it is our stated aim to lower these subscription rates substantially if we can increase the number of subscribers substantially.

 Payments may be made by wire transfer (contact the e-mail address
given below for details), but NOTE that the individual making payment
is fully responsible for all bank fees (40 dollars must be added for
bank fees on our end) and should include an extra
amount in the payment to allow for the amount that the banks subtract
from the amount given to CBAT/ICQ.

FACT: If all the people who had looked at the subscription information between 1995 Feb. and Dec. had taken out a subscription to the Computer Service, the uninvoiced rate for this service would have been halved.

Invoiced rates for the above services are included in the full subscription information-- however, it is recommended that all (potential) subscribers read this document.

Subscription and account enquiries should be addressed to iausubs@cfa.harvard.edu or use the feedback form. When enquiring about an existing account, please be sure to mention your 5-digit account number.

Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams or the International Comet Quarterly and sent to:

New Postal Address:
   c/o Daniel Green, CBAT Director
   Hoffman Lab 209
   20 Oxford St.
   Cambridge, MA  02138

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