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Rock & Roll Minor Planets

A number of minor planets have been named in honor of contemporary musicians. Not all of these can be considered rock'n'rollers in the true sense of the term, but `Rock'n'Roll' in the title of this page is useful in indicating the contemporary nature of these artists. Classical composers have been honored with minor planets since the early 20th century, but contemporary musicians have been overlooked. In the past few years, this imbalance between classical and contemporary musicians has been addressed by a new generation of astronomers who wish to acknowledge the music that has influenced them.

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Read about how minor planets are named.

Ephemerides and orbital elements for these objects are available.

Beatles Bee Gees Jane Ira Bloom Eric Clapton
Enya Peter Gabriel Jerry Garcia George Harrison
Buddy Holly Jean Michel Jarre Geddy Lee John Lennon
Alex Lifeson Paul McCartney Mike Oldfield Jimmy Page
Neil Peart Pink Floyd Elvis Presley Rammstein
Steve Roach Rocknroll Rolling Stones Carlos Santana
Phil Spector Bruce Springsteen Ringo Starr Vangelis
Brian Wilson Yes Frank Zappa

We would be interested in including pictures of the honorees on these pages. If you have an image that would be suitable, please contact us. You must own the copyright of any image offered for inclusion (i.e., you've taken it yourself) or the image must have been offered into the public domain by the photographer (do not assume that just because an image is on a webpage that it is in the public domain!). Images used will, of course, be properly credited.

We are also interested in providing images showing the motion of the above-mentioned minor planets. In order to be considered for inclusion in these page such images must have been measured and reported to us for astrometric purposes. If you think you can help, please contact the maintainer of this service.

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