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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PNV J00390711+4034126

PNV J00390711+4034126   2023 08 25.8766*  00 39 07.11 +40 34 12.66 19.35C             M31       0 0

2023 08 25.8766

Possible nova in M31, discovered by Róbert Fidrich and Tamás Tordai (HAA/VSS). The nova candidate was also visible on the images made on aug. 24.8827 UT, but not visible on august 25.8604UT (Limit mag ~19.CV). Discovery image and other details can be found at: http://vendegcsillagkereso.blogspot.com/2023/08/vend52-at-2023qum-another-nova.html Precise astrometry, multicolor photometry and spectroscopy urgently needed.

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