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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J00410622+4110419

TCP J00410622+4110419   2023 10 12.6923*  00 41 06.22 +41 10 41.9  21.1 R 1106W 326S  M31       9 9

2023 10 12.6923

Jingyuan Zhao and Weihao Wang, report the discovery of a possible nova or long period variable. Discovery image using R filter, exposured 300-s, obtained by 0.5-m f/6.8 Lulin-ASIAA Telescope for Transients and Education (LATTE) at Lulin Observatory (D35) on Oct. 12.69228, 2023 UTC, mag = 21.1 R. The object was visible on images taken by LATTE between Oct. 12 and Nov. 3, 2023, and it shows slow brightening. According to our latest data, it was 20.7 V on Nov. 03.46382, 2023 UTC and 20.5 R on Nov. 03.46738, 2023 UTC. No object can be seen at this location on the PanSTARRS DR1 image. We also reported the transient to TNS, and it was named AT 2023wrj (see https://www.wis-tns.org/object/2023wrj ). Images can be found at https://www.wis-tns.org/system/files/uploaded/general/tns_2023wrj_atrep_192728.png

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