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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PNV J00412371+4114594

PNV J00412371+4114594   2017 12 20.8507*  00 41 23.71 +41 14 59.4  15.5 C  906W  74S  M31       9 0

2017 12 20.8507

Emmanuel Conseil reports the discovery of a 15.5 magCV transient on 3x50s exposures taken with Slooh robotic telescope T2WF (17" F/6.8 + FLI PL16803) on 2017-12-20 at 20h25 UT. The transient is also visible on 3x50s exposures taken with Slooh robotic telescope T2UWF at the same moment(85mm F/7, focal reducer 0.8x, SBIG ST-10XME). This transient is located very close to the location of the dwarf nova M31N 1966-08a (also known as M31N 1968-10c) and could be a new outburst of this object. On 2017-12-20 at 21h29 UT, the transient has faded a lot on 3x50s new exposures, and is barely visible on 3 more images taken at 22h06 UT. Stacked (x3) images are available here for T2WF telescope : https://www.flickr.com/photos/econseil/38314239035 Stacked (x3) image is available here for T2UWF telescope : https://www.flickr.com/photos/econseil/39190450131

2017 12 21.8750

The transient has now disappeared (limiting magnitude ~19.5). Looking for litterature about its possible parent (M31N 1966-08a), I've found a very recent paper (https://arxiv.org/pdf/1712.05023.pdf), submitted last week, and showing that the outburst 50 years ago is probably not the consequence of a nova, but most likely a flaring star. That's the conclusion of Shafter et al. That might explain the rapid fading seen during the night of Dec 20th.

2021 12 04.5925

Fei Du, Xiaofen Tang, Jiangao Ruan, Mi Zhang, Jianlin Xu, Yanxi Li, Guoyou Sun, Wenjie Zhou, Jingyuan Zhao, Yi Ding, Xing Gao (Xingming Observatory), report the outburst in a known UV star (Rosino 66) at 16.5 Gmag on several 120-s survey images (limit mag about 19.5) taken by Xing Gao at Xingming Observatory #2 (N89) around Dec. 04.59249, 2021 UT using a unfiltered CCD (0.5-m f/4 reflector). Nothing is visible at this position on archival images taken on Dec. 04.58745 (limiting mag 19.5).

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