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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PNV J00421620+4116251

PNV J00421620+4116251   2023 10 26.6192*  00 42 16.20 +41 16 25.1  20.4 V317.2W18.6N  M31       9 2

2023 10 26.6192

Jingyuan Zhao and Weihao Wang, report the discovery of a possible nova. Discovery image using Johnson V filter, exposured 600-s, obtained by 0.5-m f/6.8 Lulin-ASIAA Telescope for Transients and Education (LATTE) at Lulin Observatory (D35) around 2023 Oct. 26.61924 UTC, mag = 20.4 V. The transient is also visible on another R filter image taken by LATTE in the same night (2023 Oct. 26.62627 UTC, mag = 19.8 R). The transient was also visible for several days after this. Our latest data shows it brightening to 19.8 V (2023 Nov. 03.46382 UTC), and 19.3 R (2023 Nov. 03.46738 UTC). Nothing is visible at this position on archival image taken on 2023 Oct. 24.80060 UTC (limiting mag 21.0 R). We also reported the transient to TNS, and it was named AT 2023wot (see https://www.wis-tns.org/object/2023wot ). Images can be found at https://www.wis-tns.org/system/files/uploaded/general/tns_2023wot_atrep_192624.jpg

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