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PNV J00424351+4116196

PNV J00424351+4116196   2013 05 09.9978*  00 42 43.51 +41 16 19.6  16.9 C   10W  11N  M31       9 0

2013 05 09.9978

Possible novae in M31 discovered by Stanislav Korotkiy, Vladimir Gerke and Sergey Pilipenko on images, obtained on 2013 May 09.9978UT using 0.40-m f/8 reflector + unfiltered CCD (STL-11000M) under the limiting magnitude = 20.0R at Ka-Dar Observatory, TAU Station, Nizhny Arkhyz, Russia (MPC COD C32). Mag=16.9C +-0.3 mag, astrometry: RA=00 42 43.51; DEC=+41 16 19.6 (UCAC2, J2000, accuracy of 0.5") . Offset on discovery images: 10"W and 11"N. Three images caught this object. Image taken on 2012 Oct. 14.8UT and on 2013 May 08.9UT does not detect the object (limiting mag 20.0R). Nothing is visible at this position on a Palomar Sky Survey DSS image obtained on 1986-11-27 (via the Digitized Sky Survey; limiting red mag 20.5). No object in: MPChecker, VSX AAVSO, SDSS-III and SIMBAD. Image URL: http://www.astroalert.su/files/m31-2013-05-09.jpg

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