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PNV J00424483+4116299

PNV J00424483+4116299   2011 01 27.7741*  00 42 44.83 +41 16 29.9  20.4 U    6W  21N  M31       9 1

2012 01 27.7741

Possible novae in M31 discovered by Stanislav Korotkiy and Vladimir Gerke on images, obtained on 2012 Jan 27.7741UT using 0.40-m f/8 reflector + unfiltered CCD (STL-11000M) under the limiting magnitude = 21.0C at Ka-Dar Observatory, TAU Station, Nizhny Arkhyz, Russia (MPC COD C32). Mag=20.4C +-0.3 mag, astrometry: RA=00 42 44.83; DEC=+41 16 29.9 (UCAC2, J2000, accuracy of 0.2") . Offset on discovery images: 5.6"E and 21.4"N. Six images caught this object: three images obtained on 2012 Jan 26.8UT (Mag=20.7C) and three images obtained on 2012 Jan 27.8UT. Image taken on 2012 Jan 24.6UT does not detect the object (limiting mag 21.0C). Nothing is visible at this position on a Palomar Sky Survey DSS image obtained on 1986-11-27 (via the Digitized Sky Survey; limiting red mag 20.5). No object in: MPChecker, VSX AAVSO, SDSS-III and SIMBAD. Image URL: http://www.astroalert.su/files/pnv_j00424483_4116299.png

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