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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PNV J00424623+4117357

PNV J00424623+4117357   2023 01 14.7674*  00 42 46.23 +41 17 35.7  19.3 U   25E  90N  M31       9 2

2023 01 14,7674

OMB extragalactic nova monitoring by ISSP collaboration, F.Castellani, R.Belligoli, C.Marangoni, V.Andreoli reports the discovery of a PNV in M31 New transient was clearly detected on '2023 1 14,7674' UT using 16 x 300s frames (4800s total) obtained by a Moravian G4-9000 KAF unfiltered CCD with the 0.4m f.8 Ritchey-Chrétien telescope from Monte Baldo "A.Gelodi" Astronomic Observatory, località Novezzina, Ferrara di Monte Baldo, Verona, Italy. The discovery magnitude is 19.3±0.5 mag in the CV band (clear visual). Offset 25" Est e 90" Nord from M31 galactic centre. The new transient is close to Globular Cluster M31GC J004246+411737 (1.78"). We will continue to monitor the nova light curve and strongly encourage additional follow-up observations.

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