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PNV J00425771+4108125

PNV J00425771+4108125   2020 11 03.5819*  00 42 57.71 +41 08 12.5  17.7 V  151E 476S  M31       R 9

2020 11 03.5819

Jiangao Ruan and Xing Gao, report the discovery of a possible nova (mag approximately 17.7) on several 120-s survey image (limiting mag about 19.5) taken by Xing Gao at Xingming Observatory #2 (N89) around Nov. 03.58185 UT using a unfiltered CCD ( 0.5m f/4 reflector ). The transient approximately located at R.A.=00h42m57.71s +41d08’12″ .5 (equinox 2000.0). Which is about 151.0″ east and 476″ south of the center of the NGC224(M31). Nothing is visible at this position on archival images taken on Nov. 02.57248 (limiting mag 19.5). Possible the recurrent nova M31 1963-09c (=1968-09a) (=2001-07b) (=2010-10e) (=2015-10c). Images can be found at: http://xjltp.china-vo.org/xn01jr.html

2020 11 3.7112

Raffaele Belligoli, Flavio Castellani and Claudio Marangoni, Verona, Italy reports by one image 16*300s (4800) taken by G4-9000 KAF CCD unfiltered, from Monte Baldo Observatory (Ferrara di Monte Baldo, Verona, Italy), with the 0.4m f.8 Ritchey-Chrétien telescope, obtained on 2020 November 3.7112. Offset 155"E 473"S from center of M31. Its magnitude has grown up to 16.7 (err +/- 0,2). The position is only 0.2" from Recurrent Nova M31N 1963-09c The rapid increase in brightness is consistent with the ouburst of a RN

2020 11 3.7112

The followup image PNV J00425771+4108125 is available at: http://www.osservatoriomontebaldo.it/uploads/ISSP/AT2020yug_2020113_7112.jpg Image on '2020-11-3.7112' UT using using 16x300s frames (4800s total) obtained by a Moravian G4-9000 KAF unfiltered CCD with the 0.4m f.8 Ritchey-Chrétien telescope from Monte Baldo "A.Gelodi" Astronomic Observatory, località Novezzina, Ferrara di Monte Baldo, Verona, Italy. (Latitudine 45° 41' 52" N. Longitudine 10° 51' 32" E).

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