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PNV J00465260+4201428

PNV J00465260+4201428   2023 08 05.3766*  00 46 52.60 +42 01 42.89 19.6 C             M31       0 0

2023 08 05.3766

Possible nova in M31, discovered by Robert Fidrich, HAA/VSS, Budakeszi, Hungary on 10x120s stacked images with Luminance filter using a 0.51m telescope Utah Desert Remote Observatory at Great Basin Desert, Beryl Junction, Utah, USA (iTelescope,net network).

2023 08 01.0914

PNV J00465260+4201428 was already visible on 12x60s stacked images made on the nights of 28/29 July, 30/31 July and August 1.0914UT using a 0.31m telescope with Luminance filter remotely at Nerpio, Spain (iTelescope,net network). However PNV J00465260+4201428 was not visible on reference images made with the 0.51m telescope at UDRO on the night of 31 January/1 February and before. Discovery image: http://vendegcsillagkereso.blogspot.com/2023/08/nwew-possible-nova-in-andromeda-galaxy.html -- Robert Fidrich

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