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TCP J01340439+3039043

TCP J01340439+3039043   2013 01 04.4662*  01 34 04.39 +30 39 04.3  17.0 U  174E  33S  M33       N 0

2013 01 04.4662

Koichi Nishiyama, Kurume,Japan and Fujio Kabashima, Miyaki,Japan report the discovery of a bright possible nova? (mag.= 17.0) in M33 on eight 40-s unfiltered CCD frames taken around 2013 Jan. 04.466 UT, ( limiting magnitude = 19.2 ) using a Meade 200R 0.40-m f/9.8 reflector (+SBIG STL1001E camera). as follows We report that this star locates 174" east and 33" south from the center of galaxy. Nothing is visible at this location on our past frames taken on 2012 Dec. 12.493 UT ( limiting magnitude = 19.0 ) and Dec. 19.572 UT ( limiting magnitude = 18.7 ) We have checked in Minor Planets. Nothing is visible at the position of possible nova on the Digitized Sky Survey (POSS2/UKSTU) from 1991 Oct 05 (limiting red mag 18.7) and 1989 Dec. 04 (limiting infrared mag 18.7). the nearest star in M33 catalogue (http://www.lowell.edu/users/massey/lgsurvey.html) has position end figures 04.s30, 04"0, distance 1".2, magnitudes V=20.5, B=20.3, R=20.5,

2012 12 25.592

D. Denisenko, V. Lipunov, E. Gorbovskoy (Moscow State University, SAI), V. Yurkov, Y. Sergienko, E. Sinyakov (Blagoveshchensk Educational University) report on behalf of a larger MASTER-net collaboration: TCP J01340439+3039043 is visible on two unfiltered 60-sec exposures taken by MASTER-Amur robotic telescope (0.40-m f/2.5 reflector + 4kx4k CCD) on 2012 Dec. 25.561 and 25.592 UT (limiting magnitude 17.9m). Nothing was present at this position on the images from the same telescope on 2012 Dec. 09.530 UT to the limiting magnitude 18.4. Comparison of Dec. 09 and Dec. 25 images is posted at http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/TCPJ01340439+3039043-MASTER-Amur.jpg

2013 01 05.1046

TCP observed at coordinates 01 34 04.37 +30 39 04.2 (UCAC3). Magnitude 18.3 +/- 0.4 . Limiting magnitude 20.5. Sum of 12 x 240-sec images. Nothing visible except galaxy background at these coordinates on DSS. Observer: R. A. Koff, Antelope Hills Observatory, Bennett, Colorado USA (h09). Image posted at: http://antelopehillsobservatory.org/SNpictures/TCPJ01340439+3039043final.jpg

2013 01 05.14649

Mag.= 18.1U, Position end figures 04s.33 04".2 (UCAC-3), remotely using 0.25-m f/3.4 hyperbolic astrograph + unfiltered CCD (SBIG ST-10XME) at RAS observatory near Mayhill, NM, U.S.A. (H06). Position and magnitude were measured on an image composed from 3-frames which were taken by each 120-seconds exposure under the limit magnitude = 19.3. Observer T. Yusa, Osaki, Japan. Link to images: http://space.geocities.jp/yusastar77/supernova/PNinM33_130105.htm

2013 01 05.522

Mag.= 18.2, position end figures 04s.35, 04".4 observed by T. Noguchi, Chiba-ken, Japan, from a stacked image (limit mag.= 19.0) exposed by each 40-s x 16 frames using 0.23-m f/6.3 Schmidt Cassegrain + unfiltered CCD. See an image at http://park8.wakwak.com/~ngc/images/TCPinM33_20130105.jpg.

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