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PSN J02330480+3530396

PSN J02330480+3530396   2015 03 15.5801*  02 33 04.80 +35 30 39.6  17.2 U    7E  11N  P9714     R 9

2015 03 15.5801

Possible supernova in PGC 9714 discovered by Zhijian Xu(Nanjing,Jiangsu,China) and Xing Gao (Urumqi,Xinjiang,China). in Xingming Observation Sky Survey(C42) around Mar.15.58012 UT. using an unfiltered CCD ( + Celestron C14 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope D=356-mm @f/6.9 ).The new object approximately located at R.A.=02h 33m 04s.80 Decl.=+35°30'39".6(equinox 2000.0 USNO-A2.0), Mag. 17.2 V. Which is about 7.4" east and 11.4" north of the center of the PGC 9714.Nothing is visible at this position on archival images taken on Feb.27(limiting mag 18.3), Mar.01(limiting mag 18.0),Mar.03(limiting mag 17.3), or on the DSS from Nov.27,1986(limiting mag about 19.6).

2015 03 17.5131

J.-j. Zhang, Y.-f. Fan, LiJiang Observatory, confirmed this object on one 90-s survey image (limiting mag about 20.0) taken by Yufeng Fan around Mar 17.5131 UT using a R-band CCD with 2.4-m telescope (+ YFOSC) at the LiJiang Observatory of YNAO. End figures for astrometry were AR. 04.75s DEC. 40.2", Mag. 17.0 R(equinox 2000.0, USNO-A2.0 stars).

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