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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J04291888+4354233

TCP J04291888+4354233   2020 11 25.8438*  04 29 18.88 +43 54 23.3  10.6 U             Per       2 0

2020 11 25.8438

A transient variable objects in Perseus was discovered by Stanislav Korotkiy (Ka-Dar Obs./Astrovert), Kirill Sokolovsky (MSU/SAI MSU/ASC Lebedev) and Olga Smolyankina (Observatory of Omsk CPCT) on three images, obtained on 2020 Nov. 25.8438UT with a wide-field survey camera (F=135mm f/2.0 telephoto lens and ST8300M unfiltered CCD, 20sec exposure time) at Ka-Dar Observatory's TAU Station/Astrovert, Nizhny Arkhyz, Russia (MPC COD C32). The object is clearly visible at magnitude 12.6 +/-0.1. The limiting magnitude of the images is ~14.0 (the scale is calibrated using V magnitudes of Tycho-2 stars in the field). Initial astrometry using nearby Tycho-2 stars (RA, Dec, J2000): 04:29:18.88 +43:54:23.3 +/-1".

2020 11 25.8438

Mistake: "The object is clearly visible at magnitude 12.6 +/-0.1." Correctly: "The object is clearly visible at magnitude 10.6 +/-0.1."

2020 11 25.8438

The object is not visible on our previous images obtained on Nov 24.0535UT (limiting mag. 13.5). The object could not be identified as a previously known one using MPChecker, AAVSO VSX and SIMBAD. - S.Korotkiy

2020 11 25.3654

No brightenings were recorded by the ASAS-SN Sky Patrol (Shappee et al. 2014ApJ...788...48S and Kochanek et al. 2017PASP..129j4502K) between 2012 February 14 / 2014 December 16 and 2020 November 25; latest observation 2020 November 25.365 UT, fainter than gmag. 16.8; complete "light curve" and data at https://asas-sn.osu.edu/light_curves/d1dc7531-94b3-44b7-bd0f-8f70680a1459 --- Patrick Schmeer (Saarbr├╝cken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

2020 11 26.02751

The transient is identical to TCP J04291884+4354232 reported by Seiji Ueda to the TOCP about 25min before our report. The object is still climbing to its peak according to further CV band photometry with the NMW camera ( http://scan.sai.msu.ru/nmw/ ) 2020-11-25.90818 10.37 +/-0.02, 2020-11-26.02751 10.24 +/-0.05. Improved position measured with a 8cm refractor: 04:29:18.85 +43:54:23.0 +/-0.2" J2000. Unfiltered time series photometry with the 8cm refractor reveals no fast variability with the rms amplitude greater than 0.02mag (apart from the overall increase in brightness). Time series data are submitted to the AAVSO. --- Kirill Sokolovsky, Stanislav Korotkiy, Olga Smolyankina

2020 11 25.8438

Animation of discovery: https://vk.com/doc265309_576614930 S. Korotkiy

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