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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J04432130+4721280

TCP J04432130+4721280   2018 04 29.4740*  04 43 21.30 +47 21 28.0   6.2 U             Per       9 0

2018 04 29.4740

Yuji Nakamura, Kameyama, Mie, Japan, reports his discovery of this TCP (mag 6.2) in Per on a CCD frame taken on 2018 Apr 29.4740 UT (limiting mag 12.5) using a 135mm f4.0 lens. The object was not shown on a frame taken on 2018 Apr 21.4627 UT (limiting mag 12.5). There is a UG type variable star V392 Per at this position.

2018 04 29.66

Nova eruption of V392 Persei? Confirmation, spectroscopy, multiband photometry, and precise astrometry are very urgently required. --- Patrick Schmeer (Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

2018 04 29.904

Unfiltered mag measured in Astrometrica is 5.6 R Astrometry is 04 43 21.39 +47 21 25.9 UCAC4. Denis Buczynski MPC I81 Highland Scotland C14 + SBIG ST10XE +1x3s exposure my image at this link https://britastro.org/node/13057

2018 04 30.116

Photometry results were B=7.65, V=6.73 and Ic=5.23 with 0.25-m f/3.4 astrograph + SBIG ST-10XME CCD (T5, iTelescope.NET at Mayhill, USA). Comparison star was TYC 3347-712-1 (V=7.23, B-V=1.111 and V-Ic=1.07). Position end figures were 21.36 and 26.18 in R.A. and Dec. Seiichiro Kiyota (Kamagaya, Japan)

2018 04 29.58

Hiroyuki Naito, Nayoro Observatory, and Tatsuharu Ono, Hokkaido University, report that a low-dispersion spectrum (R about 300 at 650 nm) of this object was obtained on Apr. 29.58 UT using the 1.6-m Pirka telescope (+ NaCS) at the Nayoro Observatory. The spectrum shows some unidentified absorption lines on a very red continuum, which may indicate high reddening. The spectrum can be viewed at URL https://www.nayoro-obs.jp/pirka/nacs/V392Per_20180429.png

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