Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams -- Image credits

CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J04454858-0556446

TCP J04454858-0556446   2014 09 26.7947*  04 45 48.58 -05 56 44.6  12.6 V             Eri       0 0

2014 09 27.8219

Nothing is visible at this location on a frame taken by S. Fujikawa on the second night with a limiting magnitude of about 15.8. The object was seen on two exposures of the first night, which were taken slightly shifted to check flaws and ghosts, so I do not think it was a flaw or a ghost. I have also checked there was no known asteroid there. So I do not know what it was.

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