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PSN J05452726-2556322

PSN J05452726-2556322   2012 12 21.31  *  05 45 27.26 -25 56 32.2  17.7 R    9E  14S            8 3

2012 12 21.31

A. Klotz (IRAP France) used the robotic TAROT telescope at la Silla, Chile to discover PSN J05452726-2556322. The new object is located at position R.A.=05:45:27.26 Decl.=-25:56:32.2 (J2000.0) wich is 9" E and 14" S from the nucleus of the galaxy WINGS J054526.59-255618.6. The host galaxy lies in the galaxy cluster Abell 548 (z=0.043867 according to the NED database). TAROT image was obtained at 2012 Dec. 21.31 UT R=17.8. The new object is confirmed by images taken by A. Klotz with the robotic 1m Zadko telescope (UWA, Australia), 2012 Dec 21.90 UT r=17.7. The new object is retreived in archived TAROT images taken 2012 Dec 9.34 UT R=19.7. The new object is not seen in archived TAROT images taken 2012 Dec 6.33 UT R>20. According the redshift and Ar=0.06 of the NED database, we estimate (m-M)=36.41. The corresponding absolute magnitude at the date 2012 Dec. 21 should be M~ -18.6. Additional informations available in http://cador.obs-hp.fr/sn_tarot/PSN_J05452726-2556322/

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