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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J06555100+4041466

PSN J06555100+4041466   2011 09 30.146 *  06 55 51.00 +40 41 46.6  18.1 U    2E   7N  P19876    B 0

2011 09 30.4819

Faint detection of object in galaxy background at position end figures 51.03, 45.8 (UCAC3). Magnitude estimated at 18.5 U. Limiting magnitude 19.4. Sum of 24 x 60-sec images. Nothing visible within galaxy glow at this location on DSS. Observer: R. A. Koff, Bennett, Colorado USA (H09). Image posted at: http://antelopehillsobservatory.org/SNpictures/PSNJ06555100+4041466final.jpg

2011 09 30.5814

This object was observed by P. Miller, P. Roche, A. Tripp, R. Miles, R. Holmes, S. Foglia and L. Buzzi with the 2.0-m f/10 Faulkes Telescope North at Haleakala. In a single 60-s image with Bessell R filter in moderate seeing, the object has position end figures 51s.00, 46".9 and magnitude 18.4 (PPMXL catalogue, 1".5 radius aperture). Nothing is visible in DSS images. Image posted at URL: http://www.astrogeo.va.it/pub/TOCP/PSN_P19876_FTN.jpg

2011 10 1.01

Asiago spectroscopic id: type II similar to 2006gy

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