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TCP J07593036+0459025

TCP J07593036+0459025   2024 01 23.5771*  07 59 30.36 +04 59 02.5  13.7 U             CMi       9 7

2024 01 23.5771

Discovered by Yuji Nakamura, Kameyama, Mie, Japan, on two frames (30-s exp. limiting mag 16.5) taken by 0.10-m F3.0 refractor and CMOS camera. Nothing is visible at this location on the frames taken on 2024 Jan. 16.6152 UT (30-s exp. limiting mag 16.0) by same instrument. --- Seiichiro Naito and Isao Endoh (NAOJ)

2024 01 23.9375

Andreoli.V , Castellani.F and Vesentini.F remarks: Low resolution spectrum was obtained 0.25-m telescope + Alpy600 spectrograph (with dispersion 4.9 Ang/pix) located in Novezzina (Italy) on 2024-01-23.9375. The spectrum shows a blue continuum and a weak absorption of balmer lines expept Halpha (6562.8 Ang) that is no visible in our spectrum. B,V,R photometry was also collected with 0.4m telescope + Moravian G4 CCD full frame located in Novezzina (Italy) at 2024/01/23.9375 with results B=14.441, V=13.866, R=14.278; (B-V) =0.575; (V-R)=-0.414. A probable progenitor was found on ZTF with mag r of 19.6 (mean mag) this means that Δmag ≈ 5. All this feature are typically of a CV stars so we propose to classified TCPJ07593036+0459025 as a CV. The astrometric measurement was also made and giving the coordinates 07:59:30.33 +04:59:03.1 (the png of the spectrum is available on https://photos.app.goo.gl/erc165PHN48tW9pA6)

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