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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J09554079+5436029

PSN J09554079+5436029   2013 03 03.65  *  09 55 40.79 +54 36 02.9  18.5 U    3E   1N            9 9

2013 03 03.65

We discovered this object on Mar.03.65 2013 UT in the Tsinghua University-NAOC Transient Survey (TNTS), and the magnitude of the object on unfiltered CCD was about 18.5 mag. We confirmed the presence of this SN candidate on a high-resolution image taken on Mar. 06 with the 2.4-m telescope at LiJiang Gaomeigu Station of the YNAO.

2013 03 10.01951

This object was observed by Federica Luppi and Luca Buzzi from Schiaparelli Observatory, Varese, Italy. In a stack of images totalling 10 minutes of unfiltered exposure time, the object has position end figures 40s.61, 01".5 and magnitude 18.0. A source is visible at 40s.62, 01".5 and magnitude 17.4 R in DSS images taken on 1999 03 17 . Image posted at URL http://www.astrogeo.va.it/pub/TOCP/PSN_J09554079+5436029.jpg

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