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PSN J10543413+5417569

PSN J10543413+5417569   2014 01 14.5741*  10 54 34.13 +54 17 56.9  15.6 U   44W  20S  N3448     I 0

2014 01 14.574

Image = http://www.k-itagaki.jp/images/3448.jpg

2014 01 14.574

Discovered by K. Itagaki, Yamagata, Japan, on an unfiltered CCD frame using 0.50-m f/6.8 reflector remotely at the Takanezawa station, Tochigi-ken, under the limiting magnitude= 18.5, who writes nothing is visible at this location on his past frames including the most recent frame (limit mag.= 18.5) taken on 2014 January 6.633 UT using the same telescope but PSN was found on a frame taken on Jan. 13.611 UT using the same telescope, then PSN was mag.= [about] 17.5 since out of fucas.

2014 01 15.1111

I took confirmation images of this PSN with 0.5m Astrograph+FLI ProLine PL11002M CCD camera at Mayhill, USA (T11, iTelescope.NET), remotely. I combined 3 frames in each photometric band (each exposure time was 120 sec.) Photometry results were V=15.26 and Ic=15.06 using TYC 3823-119-1 as a comparison. My image available at http://meineko.sakura.ne.jp/ccd/PSN_J10543413+5417569.jpg. Seiichiro Kiyota (Kamagaya, Japan)

2014 01 15.30943

Photometry: V= 15.20, R= 15.03, Ic= 14.70, position end figures 34s.14, 56".3, on an image composed from 3-frames which were taken by each V R Ic 180-seconds exposure under the limiting magnitude= 18.0, remotely using a 0.50-m f/6.8 astrograph + CCD + f/4.5 focal reducer at the iTelescopeNET Mayhill, New Mexico. Observer T. Yusa, Osaki, Japan. Link to color composite image http://space.geocities.jp/yusastar77/supernova/PSNinN3448_140112.htm

2014 01 15.576

Mag.= 15.1, position end figures 34s.13, 56".2 (refer to UCAC4 catalog) observed by T. Noguchi, Chiba-ken, Japan, on four stacked 30-s frames (limit mag.= 17.5) with 0.23-m f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain + unfiltered CCD (BITRAN BT-11E), who informs an image posted at http://park8.wakwak.com/~ngc/images/PSNinNGC3448.jpg.

2014 01 14.70

D. Denisenko, V. Lipunov and E. Gorbovskoy (SAI MSU) report on behalf of the large MASTER collaboration: NGC 3448 was observed by MASTER-Amur robotic telescope (0.40-m f/2.5 reflector + 4kx4k CCD) on 2014 Jan. 10.85-10.88 UT in the routine survey mode. Six unfiltered images with 60-sec exposures were obtained. Nothing is visible at the position of PSN on the individual images to limiting magnitude 18.4 and on their combination to m_lim=19.4. Following the announcement of the discovery by P. Wiggins on 2014 Jan. 14.317 UT on Minor Planet Mailing List, we have obtained confirmation images by MASTER-Tunka telescope. The new object is present on Jan. 14.70 UT at the following position (J2000.0): 10h54m34s.05, +54o17'56".7. Comparison of Jan. 10.85 UT MASTER-Amur and Jan. 14.70 UT MASTER-Tunka images (sums of 6x60 sec exposures in both cases) is posted at http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/NGC3448-MASTER-2014Jan10-14.jpg

2014 01 15.666

Mag.= 15.2, position end figures 34s.12, 56".3 (refer to Tycho-2 and GSC-ACT catalogues, respectively) observed by K. Kadota, Ageo, Japan, on twelve stacked 60-s frames (limt mag.= 18.4) with 0.25-m f/5.0 reflector + unfiltered CCD (SBIG ST-9E), who put an image at http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/kenic-k/image/PSNinNGC3448-20140115.jpg.

2014 01 14.317

Discovered by P. Wiggins, Tooele, USA on an image taken with a .35m f/5.5 Schmidt Cassegrain telescope and SBIG ST-10XME camera and clear filter at IAU 718. 15s exposure. Estimated magnitude at time of discovery was about 17.5. Image taken on 2011 01 14 using same equipment shows no sign of the PSN. Both images at http://users.wirelessbeehive.com/~paw/temp/NGC3448_2014JAN06-14.JPG .

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