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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J12091154+2910209

PSN J12091154+2910209   2014 04 24.384 *  12 09 11.54 +29 10 20.9  17.6 U   20E  16S  N4134     L 0

2014 04 26.880

this transient was observed on 2014 04 26.880 by Gianluca Masi, Francesca Nocentini and Patrick Schmeer, remotely using the 17"-f/6.8 corrected Dall-Kirkham robotic unit part of the Virtual Telescope Project facility, at Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Ceccano, Italy. 120-seconds exposures, unfiltered, show the source at mag. 17.4 (R mags for the reference stars from UCAC-4). We also performed astrometry, getting the following end figures: 11.50; 20.8 (J2000.0, mean residuals of 0.2" on both axes).

2014 04 26.892

Confirmed object not on DSS at 12 09 11.49 +29 10 21.1, 17.3V (CMC-14). Nick James, C11+ST9XE. Image at http://nickdjames.com/supernovae/2014/PSNJ12091154+2910209_20140426_ndj.jpg

2014 04 29.254

This possible supernova in NGC 4134 was detected with 5 x 10 min images using a clear filter Photometry: Mag 17.72 +/- 0.20 C (V for ref; USNOA2) Astrometry: No solution with pinpoint These data were collected remotely from New Mexico Skies, Mayhill, New Mexico, USA by Joseph Brimacombe, Coral Towers Observatory, Cairns, Australia. Link to image and further information: https://www.flickr.com/photos/43846774@N02/13899214270/

2014 05 04.95325

This object was observed by Federica Luppi and Luca Buzzi from Schiaparelli Observatory, Varese, Italy. In a stack of images totalling 8 minutes of unfiltered exposure time, the object has position end figures 11s.47, 20".8 and magnitude 17.6. Image posted at URL http://www.astrogeo.va.it/pub/TOCP/PSN_N6240.jpg

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