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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J12124039+0416564

TCP J12124039+0416564   2015 01 23.7729*  12 12 40.39 +04 16 56.4  11.9 U             Vir       I 0

2015 01 23

See the following announcement: From: Kris Stanek Date: January 23, 2015 4:31:52 PM GMT+01:00 To: ASASSN Subject: [vsnet-alert 18212] ASASSN-15bp: very bright V=11.6 CV outburst Reply-To: Kris Stanek ASAS-SN has discovered a very bright transient, possibly a new WZ Sge-type event: Name RA DEC UT V ASASSN-15bp 12:12:40.410 +04:16:56.21 2015:01:23.51 11.6 It matches to blue SDSS g=20.6 source, as well to a GALEX source. It also matches to CRTS sources CSS_J121240.3+041656 and MLS_J121240.4+041656, which, while not showing previous outburst, show variability with an amplitude of ~2 mag, possibly due to eclipses. ASASSN-15bp is very well placed on the sky for extended follow-up. For more ASAS-SN data for CVs, see: http://cv.asassn.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/

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