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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J12543553-1234186

PSN J12543553-1234186   2015 01 05.1229*  12 54 35.53 -12 34 18.6  15.0 U    2W  10S  NGC4782   9 0 

2015 01 07.05081

This transient was observed on 2015 01 07.05081 by M.Caimmi from C92 Valdicerro Observatory - Loreto (AN) Italy (ISSP) using 0.24-m f/6.5 SCT - CCD Atik 314L. Stack of 70 unfiltered b2x2 frames x 30 sec guided exposures, show the source at 15.6 mag. End figures for astrometry were AR. 35.49s DEC. 18.5" position was measured from reference stars UCAC-4 catalogue. The image of this observation is available http://www.oav.name/public/PSN_J12543553-1234186_20150107,05.jpg

2015 01 05.1229

Simone Leonini, Siena, Italy, report the discovery by S. Leonini, M. Conti, G. Guerrini, P. Rosi and L.M. Tinjaca Ramirez of a PSN in NGC4782 (mag. about +14.99CR +/-0.12 – USNO B1 catalogue) on two unfiltered CCD images (limiting mag. about +18.1) taken on 2015 January 05.12293 UT at the Montarrenti Observatory in the course of an automatic survey of the Italian Supernovae Search Project. Telescope: RC D=0.53m f/8.7, Detector: U47. Position: R.A. 12h54m35.53s +/-0.19”, Decl. -12°34'18.6" +/-0.21” - equinox 2000.0. Last negative image: 2014 April 23 (limiting mag. about +19.0). No known variables stars or minor planets. Discovery image: http://www.astrofilisenesi.it/public/Sne/Uploads/PSN_NGC4782.jpg

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