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PSN J12571181-1341059

PSN J12571181-1341059   2012 03 23.4626*  12 57 11.81 -13 41 05.9  17.2 U    7W  72S  N4825     1 0

2012 03 23.4626

L. Elenin (Lyubertsy, Russia) report about discovery of an apparent supernova in NGC4825 galaxy. Object visible on four 240-sec images taken with 15 minutes intervals. Images remotely taken at ISON-NM Observatory (Mayhill, NM, USA) with 0.45-m f/2.8 telescope + CCD (KAF09000) on Mar. 23.4626 due ISON-NM Solar System Survey program. The new object is located at 12h 57m 11s.81 +/- 0".15, -13d 41' 05".9 +/- 0".15 (NOMAD), which is about 7" west and 72" south from the center of NGC4825 galaxy. And have magnitude about 17.2U (mag. limit ~20.4m). Nothing is visible at this position on the POSS and POSSII images taken in eight epochs. This object not a known Solar System object. Discovery image available at http://spaceobs.org/images/TOCP/PSNJ12571181-1341059-20120323.png

2012 03 24

This object visible on POSSIIUKSTU_red image taken 1997-06-02T09:50:00

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