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PSN J13100734+3410514

PSN J13100734+3410514   2013 12 20.9316*  13 10 07.34 +34 10 51.4  17.7 U   33E   7S  U8246     R 9

27.92 12 2013

Bin Wang(Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China) and Xing Gao (Urumqi,Xinjiang,China), report the discovery of a possible supernova (mag approximately 17.7) on a 40-s survey image (limiting mag about 19.5)taken by Xing Gao in Xingming ObservationSky Survey(C42) around Dec.20.93169 UT. using an unfiltered CCD ( + Celestron C14 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope D=350-mm @f/6.9 ). The new object approximately located at R.A. =13h 10m 07s.34 Decl.=+34°10'51".4(equinox 2000.0). Which is about 32.7" east and .8" south of the center of the UGC 8246. Nothing is visible at this position on archival images taken on Mar.31 (limiting mag 19.0 )or on the DSS from Jan. 10,1989(limiting mag about 19.8).

2013 12 28.5234

L. Elenin (Lyubertsy, Russia) and I. Molotov (Moscow, Russia) confirm an apparent supernova PSN J13100734+3410514 in UGC 8246. Object visible on 3x150sec images remotely taken at ISON-NM Observatory (Mayhill, NM, USA) with 0.4-m f/3 telescope + CCD (KAF09000) on Dec. 28.5234, 2013. Object located at 13h 10m 07s.36 +/- 0".11, +34d 10' 50".8 +/- 0".05 (UCAC-4) with magnitude 17.8R (mag. limit ~20.4m). Nothing is visible at this position on the archive POSS and POSSII images. Image of PSN J13100734+3410514 available at http://spaceobs.org/images/TOCP/PSNJ13100734+3410514-20131228.png

28.91091 12 2013

2013 12 28.91091 17.8 V 2013 12 29.86799 17.6 V OBS B.Wang,X.Gao MEA B.Wang TEL 0.36-m f/6.9 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD

2013 12 30.12366

This object was observed by Federica Luppi and Luca Buzzi from Schiaparelli Observatory, Varese, Italy. In a stack of images totalling 6 minutes of unfiltered exposure time, the object has position end figures 07s.36, 50".8 and magnitude 17.5. Image posted at URL http://www.astrogeo.va.it/pub/TOCP/PSN_U8246.jpg

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