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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J15320170+6814480

PSN J15320170+6814480   2014 08 25.85  *  15 32 01.70 +68 14 48.0  16.9 U   20W   7N  I 1129    8 0

2014 08 25.85

Mario Bombardini and Mirco Villi (Urania Lamonia Observatory-Faenza-Italy) report the discovery of a possible supernova in IC 1129 with a 0,35 mt. Sch.-Cass. f/5.0 + Sbig ST9 CCD camera on several unfiltered images taken on August 25,85 UT, 60 sec. exp., at mag. 16,9, limit mag. 19,0. The new object is located at RA15h31m58.91s, DECL +68°14’52.9” (J2000.0) which is 10” W and 7” N from the galaxy’s centre. Previous images of the galaxy taken on Aug 03, 2014 and Jul 03, 2014 show nothing at that position, also in POSS II red and blue plates. No known minor planets are in that area during discovery time. ___________

2014 08 27.8100

I confirm the presence of this PSN (mag.+16.5) from several unfiltered images taken by 0.35m. Sch.-Cass. F/5.5 + SXVR H-9 CCD camera; 90sec. exposure; limit mag.+18.5. This PSN is also present in an image (mag.+18.0,near at the limit of my detection) taken on 2014/08/23.98 (U.T.) with the same equipment, 40 sec. exposure. Giancarlo Cortini (Monte Maggiore Observatory-Predappio-ITALY).

2014 08 27.865

This transient was observed at mag. 16,4 by Paolo Campaner on August 27.865 UT with a 0.4m telescope + CCD Atik 428ex at Ponte di Piave - Italy, in the course of the Italian Supernovae Search Project.

2014 08 26.8072

This transient was observed on 2014 08 26.8072 by G. Masi, P. Catalano and P. Schmeer, remotely using the 17"-f/6.8 robotic unit part of the Virtual Telescope Project facility, at Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Ceccano, Italy. Nothing is present at the position given in the formatted row at the beginning, while at the different position provided below as a comment there was a source around mag 17.5 (R mags for the reference stars from UCAC-4, astrometric position 15 31 58.86 +68 14 51.5 - J2000.0). The DDS2 red and blue show a source a few arcseconds apart (end figures from the DSS2 red: 58.08, 49.5). The GSC 2.2 has an entry at 15h31m59.092 +68d14'51.69" at mag R=14.43. Spectroscopy is urged.

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