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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PNV J16535000-2554330

PNV J16535000-2554330   2012 07 18.525 *  16 53 50.00 -25 54 33.0   9.8 C             Oph       - -

2012 07 18.525

Discovery report by K. Haseda, Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan. The position is very preliminary. It was caught in two images, taken using Canon EOS-5D + f.l. 200-mm lens. It was below mag 12.2 on July 10.477 UT.

2012 07 19.16307

Nothing is visible at the position on three images which were taken by each 30-seconds exposure under the limiting magnitude = about 15, remotely using 0.25-m f/3.4 hyperbolic astrograph + CCD (SBIG ST-10XME) at the RAS Observatory, iTelescope network, near Mayhill, NM, U.S.A. T. Yusa, Osaki, Japan.

2012 07 19.370

Nothing at that position down to about mag 12 U in two unfiltered DSLR images (2-min exposures). Observer Rob Kaufman, Bright, Victoria, Australia.

2012 07 19.1956

Nothing detected at reported position. No unknown bright source noted in a 14' x 14' image at limiting magnitude 15.8. Observer: R. A. Koff, Bennett, Colorado USA (H09).

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