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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J17162885+0625585

PSN J17162885+0625585   2015 06 12.006 *  17 16 28.85 +06 25 58.5  18.1 U   26W   3N  U10779    1 1

2015 06 12.006

Jaroslaw Grzegorzek, Szczecin, Poland, reports the discovery of a possible supernova (mag 18.1) on unfiltered CCD images (limiting mag 18.8) taken by himself on Jun 12.006 with a 0.25-m f/4 reflector at his observatory in the course of the supernova search project. Discovery image is available at http://www.jgao.pl/pgc59987.html

2015 06 12,9704

R.Belligoli and F.Castellani from Monte Baldo Astronomic Observatory Ferrara Monte Baldo Verona Italy "ISSP Italian Supernovae Search Program" member, confirme this transient in two 60s images Luminance Filter taken on 2015 06 12,9704 by Remote Observatory in Nerpo Spain (Itelescope) Planewave CDK 431mm focal lenght 2939mm f/6.8 . By Astrometrica measurements: RA17h16m28.85s DEC+6°25'58.6" mag.18.6 . Confirm image at http://www.osservatoriomontebaldo.it/uploads/ISSP/UGC10779-PSN J17162885+0625585.jpg

2015 06 13.87561

This transient was observed on 2015 06 13.87561 by G. Masi, remotely using the 17"-f/6.8 robotic unit part of the Virtual Telescope Project facility, at Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Ceccano, Italy. 180-seconds exposures, unfiltered, show the source at mag. 18.5 (R mags for the reference stars from UCAC-4). We also performed astrometry, getting the following end figures: 28.86; 58.6 (J2000.0, mean residuals of 0.1" on both axes).

2015 06 14.7600

This transient was observed remotely using 0.4m f/3.8 newton from D03, Italy by G. Duszanowicz, M. Kusiak, M. Zolnowski, Poland. Several 60 seconds LRGB exposures show the source at given position.

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