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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J17274332-1612188

TCP J17274332-1612188   2023 08 24.6093*  17 27 43.32 -16 12 18.8  14.0 C             Oph       R 9

2023 08 24.6093

UG candidate classified by XOSS. Details can be found at http://xjltp.china-vo.org/xm104mz.html

2023 08 24.78994

Photometry follow-up by S. Leonini, M. Conti, P. Rosi and L.M. Tinjaca at Montarrenti Observatory, Siena, Italy (C88). Telescope/Detector: RC D=0.53m f/8.7 + U47. Measures: August 24.78994 UT V=13.51; August 24.79037 UT Rc=13.74, August 24.79079 UT Ic=13.45 (PanSTARRS)

2023 08 24.8

Photometry follow-up by U.Quadri, P.Madurini and L.Strabla using following telescopes: 0.25-m f/4.8 reflector at Bassano Bresciano Observatory, Italy - MPC Code 565. 0.32-m f/8.0 reflector at AstroCamp at Nerpio, Spain - MPC Code I89. 0.51-m f/6.8 Dall-Kirkham at Rio Hurtado Valley, Chile - MPC Code X07. Measures: 2023-08-24.8071 UT Rmag=13.25 (Italy 565), 2023-08-24.9030 UT Rmag=13.05 (Spain I89), 2023-08-25.1470 UT Rmag=12.80 (Chile X07). (Comparison stars by pan-STARRS cat). Details can be found at https://www.osservatoriobassano.org/archivio/grb/GRB230824A.htm

2023 08 26.7415

Position end figures 43s.32, 19".2 measured with 0.50m reflector + CCD at Skygems Observatory, Namibia. J2000, Gaia DR2 positions. Position appears to correspond to a 19.7 G magnitude star (Gaia DR3 4136619720186379264) which appears to be the same as a 20.8 g magnitude star measured in Pan-STARRS PS1 survey (Star ID 88552619307433951). Approximate unfiltered magnitude 13.0 using APASS R mag comparison stars. Andrew Pearce, Nedlands, Western Australia.

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