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PNV J17292916+0054043

PNV J17292916+0054043   2014 05 22.778 *  17 29 29.16 +00 54 04.3  12.1 U             Oph       9 0

2014 05 22.778

Discovered by H. Nishimura, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, who confirmed this star on four frames taken May 22.778 UT using 200-mm f/3.2 lens + a Digital camera, also who writes nothing is visible at this location on a frame taken on May 21.578 UT using same patrol camera.

2014 05 23.48999

Photometry: B= 12.3, V= 12.7, Rc= 13.0, position end figures 29s.47, 04".3, remotely using a T17 0.43-m f/6.8 astrograph + CCD at the iTelescopeNET, SSO, Australia. Observer T. Yusa, Osaki, Japan. Image was posterd at URL http://space.geocities.jp/yusastar77/supernova/PNinOph_1400523.htm

2014 05 23.4945

I took conformation images of this PSN with 0.70m Astrograph (F/6.6) + FLI PL-09000 CCD camera at Siding Spring Observatory site of iTelescope.NET, remotely. Photometric results are V=12.37, R_c=12.38, I_c=12.35. This color might be indicate that this PSN are dwarf nova or other peculiar variables. Position end figures are 29.49 and 04.30. Seiichiro Kiyota (Kamagaya, Japan)

2014 05 23.520

Mag.= 12.8, position end figures 29s.50, 04".3 (refer to UCAC4 catalog) observed by T. Noguchi, Chiba-ken, Japan, on a 10-s frame (limit mag.= 15.5) with 0.23-m f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain + unfiltered CCD. See an image posted at http://park8.wakwak.com/~ngc/images/PNVinOph_20140523.jpg.

2014 05 23.697

F.Castellani, R.Belligoli, C.Marangoni, from Monte Baldo Observatory (Ferrara di Monte Baldo,Verona,Italy), report photometric results of this PNV by nine images taken remotely with Planewave 20" (0.51m) CDK (f/4.4) + FLI PL-09000 CCD camera at Siding Spring Observatory site of iTelescope.NET on 20140523.697: VJ=12.509 (err=0.002); RJ=12.343 (err=0.002); IJ=12.173 (err=0.007). These photometric measurements might be indicate that this PNV should be a dwarf nova or other peculiar variables.

2014 05 23.564

Mag. B= 12.41, V= 12.43, Rc= 12.29, Ic= 12.14 observed by K. Yoshimoto, Yamaguchi, Japan, from a four stacked 60-s B frame and four stacked 30-s V, Rc, Ic frame using 0.16-m f/6.3 reflector + CCD + Johnson-Cousins filter, who writes star shows blue color. Magnitude refer to Landolt catalog. An V-filtered image posted at http://orange.zero.jp/k-yoshimoto/PNV-J17292916+0054043.jpg

2014 05 23.8958

S.Moretti, A.Maitan, S. Tomaselli and V. Tinella have taken a low res. spectra (24.4 A/px)of this PSN with 0.42m Newton telescope (F/5.2) + Moravian G2 1600 CCD camera equipped with 100 line/mm grism at Bastia Obs. (ARAR - Bastia Ravenna - Italy - MPC 197). No bright emission line in visible and the coninuum is blue

2014 05 23.6

K. Ayani, Bisei Astronomical Observatory (BAO), Ibara, Okayama, Japan, obtained a low-resolution spectrogram (range 400-800 nm; resolution 0.5 nm at H-alpha) of this possible nova on May 23.6 UT with the BAO 1-m telescope. The spectrum shows narrow emission lines of H-alpha, H-beta, and He II 468.6, superposed on a blue continuum. The spectrum resembles that of a dwarf nova. Our spectrum is posted at http://www.bao.city.ibara.okayama.jp/astro/2014/pnv/PNV_J17292916+0054043_May23.png.

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