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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J17394608-2457555

TCP J17394608-2457555   2017 05 08.7511*  17 39 46.08 -24 57 55.5  13.6 U             Oph       I 0

2017 05 08.638

Discovered by K. Itagaki, Yamagata, Japan, using 0.20-m f/3.0 reflector + CCD, who confirmed this TCP with 0.50-m reflector + CCD after discovery and writes there is no recent frame.

2017 05 08.751

Image at http://k-itagaki.jp/images/oph-pn.jpg

2017 05 09.4037

Photometry results were V=14.64 and Ic=11.80 with 0.61-m f/6.5 CDK astrograph + FLI PL09000 CCD camera (iTelescope.NET, T24) at Auberry, California, USA remotely. My image is available at http://meineko.sakura.ne.jp/ccd/TCP_J17394608-2457555.jpg. It might be classical nova rather than dwarf nova as it has red color. Seiichiro Kiyota (Kamagaya, Japan)

2017 05 09.5267

Mag.= 13.8 R, observed by S. Foglia, L. Buzzi, P. Concari, C. Cremaschini, G. Galli, M. Tombelli,using 0.18-m f/2.8 Newtonian + CCD at iTelescope.NET, Siding Spring Observatory, NSW, Australia. Image posted at http://www.asteroids.altervista.org/obs/TCPJ17394608-2457555.gif

2017 05 10.561

Mag.= 15.01V, 11.48I, position end figures 46s.09, 55".1 observed by K. Yoshimoto, Yamaguchi-ken, Japan, using 0.50-m f/6.8 reflector + CCD + f/4.5 focal reducer at Siding Spring remotely. See an image at http://orange.zero.jp/k-yoshimoto/TCP_J17394608-2457555_20170510.jpg.

2017 05 09.6

The red star (bright in the infrared) 2MASS J17394584-2457504 is located 6" from the reported position of the transient. Further designations for this red star are USNO-B1.0 0650-0519036 (R1= 17.26, B2= 19.52, R2= 18.15, I= 14.06 mag) and GSC2.3 S8E3029093 (F= 17.24 mag). At the transient's position itself nothing is visible in DSS images, and there is no VizieR match. As can be seen in the reported images, the transient is located in a dark (i.e. dust-rich) region of the Milky Way and may be considerably reddened. --- Patrick Schmeer (Saarbr├╝cken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

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