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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J17462369+1209390

TCP J17462369+1209390   2021 03 25.8625*  17 46 23.69 +12 09 39.0  15.71r             Oph       R 9

2021 03 25.8625

Hanjie Tan (Institute of Astronomy, National Central University), Mi Zhang, Guoyou Sun, Jingyuan Zhao (Xingming Observatory), Quanzhi Ye (Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland), Xing Gao (Xingming Observatory), report >6 mag outburst in a variable star candidate (15.71 r). Nothing is visible at this position on Pan-STARRS images. The transient was discovered on several 120-s survey images (limiting mag about 18.0) taken by Xing Gao at Xingming Observatory #3 (N88) around Mar. 25.86248, 2021 UT using a unfiltered CCD (0.3-m f/3.6 reflector). Images can be found at: http://xjltp.china-vo.org/xm64ht.html

2021 03 22.3062

This transient had already been reported by the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS-SN) as ASASSN-21eg ("CV candidate, no Vizier match, g>18.1 on 2021-03-19.06, g=15.7 on 2021-03-22.31, g=15.7 on 2021-03-25.05"): http://www.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~assassin/transients.html — It was also reported by the same team (XOSS) at https://www.wis-tns.org/object/2021hdk ["Possible UG (UG: in VSX: ASASSN-21eg), ..."] —— Patrick Schmeer (Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

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