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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J18292290-1430460

TCP J18292290-1430460   2018 06 29.5768*  18 29 22.90 -14 30 46.0  10.3 U             Sct       9 0

2018 06 29.577

Discovered by Y. Sakurai, Mito, Japan, on two frames using Nikon D7100 digital camera + 180-mm f/2.8 lens, who writes there is a variable star TSVSC1-TN-S300112300-126-67-2 at 21s.88 and 51".1. Nothing is visible at this location on a frame (limit mag.= 12.1) taken on 2018 June 23.632 UT.

2018 06 30.44

The Bochum Galactic Disk Survey variable star GDS_J1829246-143046 (Gaia DR2 position end figures 24.578s, 47.30"; G= 12.85 mag) is 25" east of the position reported by Sakurai-san. The latest ASAS-SN Sky Patrol V-band observation (Shappee et al. 2014ApJ...788...48S and Kochanek et al. 2017PASP..129j4502K) for the transient's reported position was obtained on 2018 Jun. 23.435 UT (fainter than 15.3 mag): https://asas-sn.osu.edu/light_curves/8d2f31fb-79b6-4ca9-bd12-a39f3b553544 --- Patrick Schmeer (Saarbr├╝cken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

2018 06 30.2646

Photometry results were V=10.43 and Ic=9.35 with 0.61-m f/6.5 CDK astrograph + FLI PL09000 CCD, iTelescope.NET at Auberry, CA,USA. Position end figures were 22.93 and 43.9 in R.A.and Dec. Seiichiro Kiyota (Japan)

2018 06 30.528

Mag. V= 10.57, R= 9.69, I= 8.84, position end figures 22s.96, 44".0 observed by K. Yoshimoto, Yamaguchi-ken, Japan, using 0.50-m f/6.8 reflector + CCD + focal reducer, Siding Spring, remotely. An image at http://orange.zero.jp/k-yoshimoto/TCP-J18292290-1430460_0630.jpg.

2018 06 30.5960

Another photometry results were B=12.16, V=10.98, Rc=10.37 and Ic=9.83 with 0.43-m f/6.8 CDK astrograph + FLI PL4710 CCD at iTelescope.NET, SSO, NSW, Australia, I took low resolution spectra but I can detected no significant feature (at leat, it is not late type star like Mira variables). Seichiro Kiyota (Japan)

2018 06 30.67

A progenitor candidate is the Pan-STARRS1 source PSO J182922.940-143044.155 (position end figures 22.935s, 44.19"; i= 20.26 mag). Likely nova eruption with amplitude of more than 11 magnitudes (V band). Patrick Schmeer (Saarbr├╝cken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

2018 06 30.93940

Observation of this transient object was made on 2018 06 30.93940 by Andrea Mantero at Bernezzo Observatory (MPC C77) Cuneo, Italy, with a telescope 0.25 m. f/4 + V filter. Performed photometry returns a value of 10.590 +/- 0.005 V magnitude(reference v mags from UCAC4 ).Astrometry RA= 18 29 22.96 De= 14 30 43.9 position measured from reference stars UCAC-4 catalogue.

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