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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J19380450+1532470

TCP J19380450+1532470   2020 09 14.5331*  19 38 04.50 +15 32 47.0  14.6 U             Aql       9 0

2020 09 14.5331

Yuji Nakamura, Kameyama, Mie, Japan, reports his discovery of this TCP (mag 14.6) in Aql on a CCD frame taken on 2020 Sep 14.5331 UT (limiting mag 16.0, exposure time 15s) using a 10-cm F3.0 refr. The object was not shown on a frame taken on 2020 Sep 08.4458 UT (limiting mag 16.0).

2018 05 28.500

Also known under the Zwicky Transient Factory (ZTF) variable/transient designation ZTF18aavzmgz with position end figures 04.561s in RA and 48.365" in DE (equinox J2000.0), light curve at https://lasair.roe.ac.uk/object/ZTF18aavzmgz/ —— Patrick Schmeer (Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

2020 09 15.409

follow-up : mag is +14.2U(Rmag) Comparison star UCAC-4 with 0.36m FLI ML1001E 30 sec×4, obs by, Yasuo Sano(Nayoro Hokkaido, Japan) http://sn1997ef.web.fc2.com/sn/other/20200915/03.html

2020 09 15.45

This red variable is also catalogued as Gaia DR2 4318701873743747072 with position end figures 04.558s in RA and 48.42" in DE (equinox J2000.0, epoch J2015.5; Gmag. 15.66, BPmag. 19.4, RPmag. 13.6). According to the Gaia Collaboration (2018A&A...616A...1G) it is an LPV ("long period variable stars including omicron Ceti (MIRA) and semiregular (SR) variables") with a period of 321 d. Patrick Schmeer (Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

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