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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

TCP J20194950+2614350

TCP J20194950+2614350   2022 12 25.3846*  20 19 49.50 +26 14 35.0  10.2 U             Vul       9 0

2022 12 25.385

Discovered by Yukio Sakurai, Mito, Ibaraki-ken, Japan, who found this star on three frames with 15-s exposure (limit mag.= 13.1) using Nikon D7100+180-mm f/2.8 lens, who writes nothing is visible at this location on three frames (limit mag.= 13.0) taken on 2022 Dec.24.396 UT with same instrument and also Sakurai writes there is a star (mag = 13.8) on DSS.

2022 12 25.64750

No new objects brighter than 14.0mag are visible around the reported transient position at the NMW survey (https://scan.sai.msu.ru/nmw/) images obtained on 2022-12-24.66322 and 2022-12-25.64750 UTC (bracketing the report time). The plate-solved FITS images of the region may be found at https://scan.sai.msu.ru/~kirx/img/TCPJ20194950+2614350/ An inspection of the region in the Aladin Sky Atlas (https://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/) suggests that the transient might be a UV Ceti-type flare on a component of the compact binary ATO J304.9563+26.2426 = 2MASS J20194950+2614337 (Gaia distance 111 pc; Gmag=14.26) ---- Kirill Sokolovsky, Stanislav Korotkiy for the NMW Team

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