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TCP J20233645+3215060

TCP J20233645+3215060   2022 01 29.5854*  20 23 36.45 +32 15 06.0  15.7 C             Cyg       0 0

2022 01 29.5854

Discovered by B.Kumar (Golden Ears Observatory Transient Survey - GEOTS) at Golden Ears Observatory, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, in three 30-second unfiltered exposures using a 0.36-m f/2 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, with magnitude 15.7 under limiting magnitude 17.0. Nothing is visible at this position on archival images taken on 2021 June 28.2924 UT (limiting mag 18.0).Discovery and reference images can be found here. https://www.wis-tns.org/system/files/uploaded/GEOTS/tns_2022arp_atrep_134974_GEOTS.png

2022 01 31.0660

This star is probably the very red star 2MASS J20233617+3215108 = Gaia DR2 2054348523448311424, that is visible on the color Aladin image on the TNS page of AT 2022arp: https://www.wis-tns.org/object/2022arp at position 20:23:36.215 +32:15:11.11 (J2000.0) ZTF photometry show this star might be a mira or SR type variable: https://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/cgi-bin/ZTF/nph_light_curves?POS=CIRCLE%20305.90090%2032.25309%200.0004&FORMAT=HTML -- Robert Fidrich, Budakeszi, Hungary

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